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Carlos Cornieles and Spring Milward founded Kite the Gorge, winter 2006. They reside in the Columbia Gorge area in the summers living their dream, teaching others the art of kiteboarding, sharing the progression of kiteboarding along with the up to date safety information to be a safe, independent rider. Teach the goal of kiting, and discover the playful side while doing so. Carlos, has been teaching kiteboarding as a full time coach since winter of 1999, and taught windsurfing for over the last 18 years (published in the Lonely Planet Venezuela Handbook and the South American Hand Book, for the last 10 years). Spring, a long time resident and builder in Hood River since 1987,has joined together with Carlos with a goal of creating a different kind of kiteboarding school, specializing in connection and adventure.

They Close their season in Baja and South America where they continue to teach kiteboarding. They feel very honored to have the opportunity to have the newest kiteboarding school in Hood River Oregon.


Carlos Cornieles and Spring Milward

Spring and Carlos, Kitesurfing Instructors, Kite the Gorge.
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Call us today at 541-490-9426
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