Teaching a kite lesson Teaching a kite lesson

Winging School Lesson Programs

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Beginner Wing lesson Level 1 - 2.5 Hours - $342


  • Understanding Wind and Weather
  • Location Assessment and Safety Protocols
  • Gear setup and proper inflation
  • Basic Hang Wing Flying technique on dry ground
  • Hand Placement
  • Switching Wing from one side to the other
  • Controlling Wing power delivery through smooth sheeting
  • Transporting gear to the water safely
  • Foot placement and body position
  • Getting on the board and going from kneeling to standing up
  • Wing control management

Level 2 - 2.5 Hour- $375


  • Wing control management
  • Standing up on the board
  • Right of way
  • Safe falling Technique
  • Managing sailing direction and speed through board weight distribution and wing management

Level 3 - 2.5 Hour- $375


  • Transitioning from SUP board to a Foil Board
  • Foil assembly and placement on board
  • Foil safety, reenforce safe falling technique
  • Wind management and proper sailing angle of the wing while on knees waiting for power
  • Foot Placement
  • Standing up
  • Understanding pitch, yaw and roll fundamentals
  • Student board riding skills, control lift focus on weight distribution via hips and knees
  • Breaching and how to prevent and recover from, explained

Level 4 - 2.5 Hour- $375


  • Proper pumping techniques with the wing
  • Board angle relative to the wind
  • First rides, finding the sweet spot, trimming
  • Managing energy and speed

Level 5 - 2.5 Hour- $375


  • Wing Foil fine tuning
  • Foiling Up-wind
  • Toe Side Turns
  • Heel side Turns
  • S-Turns
  • Transitions
  • Riding Downwind

Level 6 - 2.5 Hour - $375


students taking lessons at this level, should already be able to consistently stay on foil in all directions and complete transitions while using proper tactics to manage river traffic

  • Low volume board waterstart
  • riding swells
  • Backwinded riding
  • Carving turns
  • jumping

2 Hour Lesson- $310

More information about our wing lessons read here:

Level 1

By the end of this lesson, the student should be able to,

  • understand sailing terms and fundamentals and safety concerns in a wind sport environment
  • walk in all directions left, right, upwind, downwind, while keeping the wing from catching wingtips on the ground
  • Goal is to experience our first rides on a SUP board to experience riding downwind in the water on knees and feet

Level 2

By the end of this lesson the student should be relatively comfortable, controlling speed and sailing direction through wing control and weight distribution on the board

Goal for the student would be to use their skills to sail themselves to a predetermined downwind destination.

Level 3

By the end of this lessons the student should understand foil fundamentals, be able to manage speed and sailing directions on knees on board with a foil. Understand how to stand up while keeping the board flat on the water and slowly increase speed to engage the foil, and safely fall if things start to go wrong.

Level 4

By the end of this lessons the student should be able to stand up and engage the foil efficiently fall safely, speed up and slow down while on foil and begin to foil on upwind angles.

Start to understand jibe transitions and have their first attempts. Goal would be to have the student use everything they have learned so far, to sail to a pre-determined cross or upwind location.

Level 5

At this level the student goal should be to move towards a independent practice. Before they set off on their own the student should be able to wing upwind and downwind to predetermined locations and manage river traffic. Begin to approach jibes on foil and attempt their first tacks.

Ride toe side and heel side and switch feet. Goal would be to explore more of the river and begin to experiment with swell riding and higher-level equipment/smaller foil board.

Level 6

Like any outdoor adventure sport wing thingin’ is “a tree”. We all must learn the fundamentals that form the trunk as we climb towards independence.

Once we have the skills to leave and return to our lunch point. We are able to explore limits and “climb individual branches” and specialize in specific disciplines that fulfill our personal desires. No matter if you love to go fast, desire to ride endless waves, aim to be a carving magician, want to ride smaller boards that feel more like a magic carpet than a battleship, or boost to the moon. We can help coach you achieve your goals while providing safety and support.