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“As founder and instructor of New Wind Kite boarding Schools and pioneer of Kiteboard instruction in the Gorge, I support Carlos Cornieles and Spring Milward’s efforts to open a kiteboarding school at the Hood River Sand Spit.

I know each of them personally and have worked with both of them. Based on their professionalism, quality of instruction, and commitment to safety, I am confident that Their Kiteboarding School at the Sand Bar would be a model for the other schools located there. They are very enthusiastic and would provide an excellent experience to locals and visitors alike”.

David Tyburski
RRD/ Cabla-Rider/Team/ Marketing

We at Slingshot feel that the energy ,experience, professionalism
and knowledge that Carlos and Spring could deliver to that arena would be nothing less than exceptional.
Their commitment to safety, attention and quality of instruction could raise the level of what to expect from a kiteboarding school to a new level.
Both Carlos and Spring are very educated and ”up to date“ on the latest safety devices and equipment that the teaching industry has to offer, plus their relationship with Slingshot will ensure that the equipment and techniques they are using in their school are up to standards with the current certification program in which their qualified and certified instructors will be covered under.

Slingshot Sports

Hi my name is Brian Wheeler, I’m a professional kiteboarder and an IKO certified kiteboard instructor ID#1238, and a freelance writer for various kiteboard publications. Kiteboarding is a tremendous passion of mine and I’ve called Hood River “home” for the past 5 summers. All of my sponsors are Gorge-based (with the exception of one )and they include :
Dakine, North Kiteboarding, via North Sports Inc., Airtime Kite , and Hammersurf Apparel. You may recognize my name or face from some of the local kiteboard competition. I was trained and certified by IKO examiner, and long term Hood River local David Tyburski. Dave is a friend of mine, and in fact , I worked for his company (New Wind Kiteboarding Schools) for two seasons until ownership changed hands. Later I went to assist Big Winds set up their kiteboarding operation. My intensions of working for them during their first year fell through ,due to a last minute decision to enroll in summer school. Anyway, I graduated from college last spring , and having said all this , hopefully it is clear that I have a significant experience in the kiteboarding industry and play an integral role in the Gorge Kiteboard culture.
This experience I’ve accumulated over the years leads me to write this letter, to express my high recommendation for Kite the Gorge kiteboarding school, Hood River’s newest operation. I have forged a bond with Carlos Cornieles, the school founder and from my interactions with him, I have learned what a warm hearted and charismatic person he is, not to mention the fact that he is a soulful kiteboarder and one of the most experienced and passionate kiteboard instructors the Gorge has to offer .You’re probably already aware of this, but he runs a kiteboarding operation in Venezuela, during the Gorge’s off-season. Anyway, I bring all this up because I am quite excited to see Carlos setting up his own kiteboarding school .He possess a unique vision and given his firm dedication to the sport, I am convinced that once his school is established, Carlos will offer his students the most progressive lessons around, his school will quickly develop an excellent reputation, his lessons will be highly sought after, and his services will end up benefiting the local economy and kiteboarding culture in a variety of meaningful ways.
Given Carlos ‘unique background with kiteboard instruction and this rare opportunity of founding his own school, I believe deeply in his mission. There is no other school in the Gorge I would rather work for.

Brian Wheeler

Carlos Cornieles has been the highiest word in Kiteboarding in Venezuela since I have know him (2000).
He has always been one of those instructors that put his heart and soul to make his students progress, always keeping in mind that safety comes first. When it comes down to experience he is also outstanding.
In my opinion he has everything a person needs to be a good instructor, personality, patience, knowledge, psychology and experience etc..
And it is also obvious that for him kiteboarding is more than a job, it is also his sport and his passion, and he enjoys to share that with people.

Itzick Lalo
Owner Machete Kites Panama since 1998.

I've known the proprietors Carlos Cornieles and Spring Milward for many years. I appreciate their safe and personalized approach to instruction in this demanding extreme sport. I've witnessed first hand on numerous occasions their dedication to the individual client's needs. They utilize an enthusiastic approach but never neglect to stress saftey issues.
The port area has changed significantly over the last few years. The bulk of these changes have made for an improved facility. It's become more user friendly especially for our out of town summer visitors. I believe that the Kite the Gorge school offers a quality product for locals and visitors alike and in the process, employs a number of hard working individuals.

Michael Hauty, MD

Kitesurfing school Hood River, Oregon.
Columbia River, Kite boarding in the gorge.
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